Our Programs

We provide effective human resources training and consulting services in a practical, time-efficient way. Our approach stresses the development of easy-to-use tools, techniques and procedures.  Our flagship program, the How To Pick The Right People Selection Interview Workshop, was developed by Dr. William Swan, a nationally recognized expert on interviewing, to give participants the skills to make more effective and valid hiring decisions. The workshop presents a proven way to hire more productive employees, reduce costly errors, and attract top candidates. Interviewing in the context of a more diverse workforce, and the Americans with Disabilities Act, require managers to be more knowledgeable and skillful than ever. An increasingly popular variation of this program, our Campus Recruitment Workshop, shows how to make effective use of the 30-minute campus interview.

Selecting the right new employee is the first step-then they need to be managed and developed effectively. Our How To Do A Superior Performance Appraisal program trains managers in effective year-long performance management, focusing on the strategic role of the annual appraisal discussion. Managers learn the skills needed to conduct effective, conflict-free appraisals that have positive effects on employee performance and morale. The program is designed to be tailored to your needs by incorporating your organization’s forms and procedures. We also offer guidance in revising performance appraisal forms if needed.

Our goal is to ensure that every intervention we make for a client is cost-effective and has immediate, measurable results.