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Dr. Swan’s best-selling book on the interviewing & hiring process.

Swan’s How to Pick the Right People Program
by William S. Swan, Ph.D.

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Swan's "How to Pick the Right People" ProgramIf hiring new employees is part of your job, expert help is here at last in this unique guide to picking the right people — the first time around.  Based on Swan’s successful, nationwide seminars of the same name, here are all the interviewing tools and techniques you’ll need.  You’ll learn how to:

  • Learn how to probe the test what candidates say, rather than accepting their statements at face value.
  • Learn how to predict job performance, and make your hiring decisions with confidence.
  • Discover how to present information in a persuasive way that will encourage talented candidates to accept your job offer.

The information in Swan’s How to Pick the Right People Program puts choosing employees on a rational, scientific basis.  Every aspect of the book has been field-tested, making it the most practical, research-based guide available to the employee selection process.

Now available in print, as a video series, and on audio cassettes.

How to Do a Superior Performance Appraisal
by William S. Swan, Ph.D. (with Phillip Margulies)

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How to do a Superior Performance AppraisalFor anybody who equates doing a performance appraisal with a dental appointment, here’s a complete guide to painless, mutually profitable appraisals. Written by bestselling management author and Fortune 1000 consultant Dr. William S. Swan, it shows you how to transform what traditionally has been a source of potential conflict among managers and staff members, into a productive and mutually profitable process for both employer and employee.

  • A systematic, step-by-step guide to conducting appraisals that reduces defensiveness and conflict while increasing quality and productivity.
  • All the nuts and bolts of doing an appraisal: data collecting, avoiding errors, knowing EEO guidelines, and much more.
  • Packed with useful checklists, information sheets, and sample dialogues, including a model performance appraisal form incorporating what has been proven to be the most powerful approach.
  • Throughout, the emphasis is on performance management vs. simplistic “report-card” type systems.

Now available in print, as a video series, and on audio cassettes.