The Swan Video Series

For Those Who Cannot Attend The Seminar

While there is no substitute for the skill building practice and the opportunity to ask questions about your special issues in the Seminar, there are options.

Dr. Swan has developed a no-nonsense three videotape series, packed with 90 minutes of the essence of his hiring strategies and performance management techniques.

For those of you who prefer the flexibility of audio tapes, the entire live seminar is available on eight audio tapes plus a workbook to follow along.

Selection Interview Training Video Series:

Three power-packed 30-minute videos for conducting an effective and productive interview.

  • Module I: The Anatomy of an Interview
    Dr. Swan introduces the interview process by first reviewing the common interview errors. He then discusses the key elements that make for a powerful interview.
  • Module II: The Art and Science of an Effective Interview
    Find out how to structure the interview – what topics to cover, the order to cover them. Find out how to control or guide the interview – keeping it conversational. How to get in-depth information and test for truthfulness. Dr. Swan concludes this video with a closer look at the way to analyze the real job criteria: the Position Profile.
  • Module III: How To Conduct Fair and Legal Interviews
    An interviewer’s job is to get information from the candidate without asking any illegal or insensitive questions. Find out how to get the information you need without overstepping any legal boundaries. Includes EEO and ADA guidelines.

$595 – For the three video tape series.

Performance Appraisal Training Video Series:

Three power-packed 30-minute videos for developing or revising forms and rating scales and how to conduct an effective Performance Appraisal meeting.

  • Module I: The Anatomy of Performance Management
    Dr. Swan presents the value of having an effective performance management system, reviews the common errors that interfere, and the elements of effective performance management. Whether you conduct performance appraisals yourself, or plan to revise your existing system, you will find this comprehensive overview enlightening.
  • Module II: Performance Appraisal Forms, Rating Scales, and Standards
    While performance appraisal forms are only a tool to facilitate the performance management process, these forms are subject to criticism, complaints, and constant revision. Dr. Swan presents a “model” performance appraisal form followed by a review of a practical rating scale, and discusses how to set standards.
  • Module III: Making Appraisals Meaningful
    The manager’s role in performance management includes providing accurate feedback, plus motivating and developing employees. Find out how the overall rating can be a meaningful summary of the employee’s performance. In addition, learn how to involve the employee in thinking about their performance and creating a meaningful development plan.

$595 – For the three video tape series.