Based on Twenty Years of Research

Based on twenty years of research and field testing, here’s some of what you’ll learn in this information-packed two-day program.

  • Prepare for the interview – analyze critical behaviors requirements and “fit” factors for the job, and plan your strategy for an efficient and powerful interview.
  • Create the right atmosphere – the most productive climate to get more and better quality information quickly.
  • How to structure and control the interview – an organized format to steer smoothly through the candidates background, get in-depth information, and yet appear casual and conversational.
  • Critical questioning and listening skills – Get the candidate to do 80% of the talking. Learn practical, proven tips for penetrating slick presentations and drawing out the shyest of candidates. Test for truthfulness while the interview is in progress.
  • How to sell your organization and close the interview – Learn effective methods for keeping qualified applicants interested and getting them to say “yes” when you make an offer.
  • Practical guidelines for analyzing data and writing meaningful summaries – How to compare data from the interview against on-the-job requirements. How to produce clear, concise final statements that can be the basis for the hiring decision.
  • How to conduct a legal interview – Know your legal obligations in an interview and how to avoid the most common accidental errors. You are given a clear, common-sense overview of a potentially thorny, complex area, including your obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • More Efficient Team or Sequential Interviews – What to do when more that one interviewer sees the candidate. Ways to manage and coordinate the efforts of several interviewers who see the same candidate.
  • After practicing these powerful skills separately in the seminar, each participant has an opportunity to conduct a full interview. This integrative practice, reinforced by structured feedback, gives the familiarity, ease and confidence needed to put these valuable lessons to work immediately.