Program Formats

How to Pick the Right People Selection Interview Training Workshop

Two Day Program

Our most popular format is the full two-day program.  It is designed to provide the greatest opportunity for skill mastery.  It follows an orderly, logical and building-block process of incremental practice followed by integrative practice. On the first day, each topic is presented and discussed in detail, and each individual skill is practiced separately.  In the morning of the second day, each participant has the opportunity to integrate all the individual skills by conducting a complete interview and observing two others.  This integrative practice is invaluable in helping participants internalize and perfect their interview, and can put the skills and tools to use most easily the very next day.  The afternoon of the second day shows managers how their interview connects with your organization’s selection system: coordinating with other team members who interview the same candidate, decision-making strategies, documentation and legal issues.

One Day Program

Of course, there may be times when your managers are available only for one day, or your budget is especially limited, so we have developed an intense skill building, one-day version of our program.  No topics are omitted, but are covered more briefly, and most individual skills practice exercises are preserved.  The integrative practice is omitted of necessity, yet participants get the essential tools and skills they need.

The Briefing Session

For clients that want to give a Management Team a quick summary and overview of the issues, the Briefing Session is an option.  The minimum length is two hours, and in a three-hour format we can include the opportunity to try out the recommended interview structure that managers seem to value and use after the session.  This is an intense summary of the essential issues of the hiring process.

For Those Who Cannot Attend The Seminar

While there is no substitute for the skill building practice and the opportunity to ask questions about your special issues in the Seminar, there are options.