What You’ll Learn / How You’ll Learn

What You’ll Learn

You will be introduced to a comprehensive spectrum of guides, techniques and information that will improve your interviewing and insure better results. Some of the ideas you’ll leave with are:

How to easily analyze any job and relate the real requirements to the assets and limitations of each candidate. You’ll explore such “Can Do” factors as technical skills and experience. You’ll become adept in assessing “Will Do” behavioral factors like motivation, reliability, and maturity. You’ll also learn ways to judge whether or not a candidate will “Fit” into your specific work environment.

  • How to use a logical interviewing format that will give your interview a smooth track to run on and won’t cramp your style or limit the spontaneity of the candidate.
  • How to create an atmosphere that gets more in-depth information from the applicant.
  • How to uncover crucial information that might otherwise have been hidden or missed.
  • How to conduct a legal interview that stays within EEO and ADA guidelines.
  • How to get top candidates to say “yes” when you make them an offer.

How You’ll Learn

The interview process is an amalgam of many individual skills operating simultaneously. Each participant learns and practices the individual skills. They then see how the skills and techniques fit together by conducting a full comprehensive interview later in the program. This “hands-on” method makes the process easy to implement the very next day on the job.