Who Will Benefit

Most commonly, participants in our programs are line managers and professionals who make the final hiring judgment or are involved in interviewing and contribute to critical selection decisions. They like the program’s direct practical approach and can put the process to immediate use. Certainly Human Resource and Recruitment Professionals find the How to Pick the Right People program of great value as well.

All participants appreciate theĀ jargon-free emphasis on practical results.

Technical managers like the way the program helps them get past technical skills to the “intangible” qualities that make all the difference.

Even senior managers who have been interviewing for years comment that the program has made a big difference in their interview success.

Sales managers find the program helps them probe below the surface to identify the candidates who have the drive and desire to “make it ” on the job.

Managers who are faced with the challenge of influencing top candidates to accept an offer also find the program of direct value.