Performance Appraisal Training

In business, you’re only as good as the people you manage.

Employees are naturally concerned about the performance appraisal  process since it involves judgment of their effectiveness.  Managers often dread the process as well.  It is a heavy responsibility to evaluate a person’s performance for the record, and the process often seems booby-trapped with opportunities to violate legal guidelines.  With these fears and concerns in mind, we have developed a Performance Appraisal Training program that focuses on providing specific strategies for managers, that are easy to use, and easy to learn.

How to do a Superior Performance Appraisal: A unique and practical performance appraisal training workshop that gives managers a way to define standards, document the written appraisal and conduct an organized, conflict free discussion.

When companies like the American Stock Exchange, Ralston Purina, Lafarge, Eaton, and The Federal Reserve Bank of New York train their managers to do better performance management and revise their performance management system, they choose Swan Consultants.