Reasons Why Both Managers And Employees Dread The Appraisal Process

Employees are naturally concerned about the appraisal process since it involves judgment of their effectiveness. They may know when a performance review will take place, but often have only a vague understanding of the standards by which they will be evaluated. The Performance Appraisal often has a role in salary increases and promotions, adding to the feeling employees have that it will “make or break” them.

Managers often dread the process as well. Few people are comfortable sitting in judgment of others, and when each individual’s performance must be separated from the activities of the group, their effectiveness can be difficult to measure. It is a heavy responsibility to evaluate a person’s performance for the record, and the process often seems booby-trapped with opportunities to violate legal guidelines.

With these fears and concerns in mind, we have developed a program that focuses on providing specific strategies for managers, that are easy to use, and easy to learn. Managers who have a structured, organized set of strategies approach the process with increased confidence and enthusiasm. The techniques we provide won’t cramp a manager’s style, or bog them down in paperwork.