Recent Projects

Need/Problem: Client created Corporate Task Force to evaluate existing Performance Management system and Performance Appraisal forms.

Solution: Swan Consultants conducted an Executive Briefing session for the Task Force to present “Best Practices” in Performance Management and facilitated a discussion of options. The Task Force presented recommendations to the Executive Committee and received approval and budget. Swan Consultants assisted Task Force in modifying existing forms in light of new core values and increased corporate emphasis on Performance Management. Client opted to use their own trainers to implement the Performance Appraisal workshop internally, utilizing Swan’s Trainer Certification format.

Need/Problem : Client had a well designed Performance Management system, but managers and supervisors were not utilizing it effectively.

Solution: Swan Consultants determined that managers needed assistance with setting standards, writing clear objectives, collecting data, recording information over the entire appraisal period and dealing with defensiveness. The managers participated in a tailored Performance Appraisal Workshop conducted by Swan Trainers. This included specific instructions on how to implement their system, how to use their forms and the skills necessary to conduct an effective appraisal discussion.

Need/Problem: Client did not have corporate-wide Performance Management system or Appraisal forms. Individual business units had developed different approaches that were incompatible with each other. Also the client wanted to have performance tied more directly to compensation. This required managers to set clearer objectives and assignments, give feedback, and evaluate employees on an accurate and fair basis.

Solution: Swan Consultants guided client in creating new Performance Appraisal form to be used across all business units, based upon current “Best Practices” in Performance Management, and tailored to the unique circumstances of the business units. To introduce the new Performance Appraisal forms and to train managers in the process, the client opted for the Trainer Certification format of the Performance Appraisal Workshop utilizing their own trainers to implement the program in all business units across the country.