What You’ll Learn / How You’ll Learn

What You’ll Learn

The tangible benefits of Performance Management and Performance Appraisal for the manager and the organization.

  • How to involve an employee in the appraisal discussion and avoid the “report card” approach
  • How to create clear, well defined objectives and standards
  • How to write clear, thoroughly documented performance appraisals
  • How to conduct organized, effective appraisal discussions that have far-reaching effects on employee performance and morale
  • How to provide employees with objective, systematic and fair feedback
  • How to ensure that your Performance Appraisal feedback is never a surprise to the employee
  • How to manage conflict and defensiveness

How You’ll Learn

Each participant in the How to Do a Superior Performance Appraisal Workshop will master the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct an effective performance appraisal. Group discussion, individual practice exercises and the opportunity to conduct a complete performance appraisal are included.

You will learn not only the critical skills for writing and conducting Performance Appraisals, but will also learn how to implement these skills using your organization’s forms and procedures. The step-by-step, hands on training method makes the process easy to implement the very next day on the job.