Why Should Your Organization Be Interested In Doing Better Performance Appraisals?

For the Organization, Performance Appraisals provide the mechanism to cascade organizational strategies, goals and core values down to each employee. This insures that their efforts are coordinated and their combined effort moves the organization in the right direction.

For Managers, the Performance Appraisal can be a practical and versatile management tool that helps them focus their employees’ activities, monitor their progress, and encourage their development. Performance Appraisals are an opportunity to build and sustain good relationships with employees, and for managers to provide guidance and direction in a fair, non-threatening way.

For Employees, effective Performance Appraisals can have a positive effect on morale. Employees who know what is expected of them and how they will be evaluated will approach their work with a better attitude and better sense of responsibility. When they have a meaningful Development Plan, they feel more positive about their job and have a sense of influence over their future.