In-House Workshops

The How to Pick the Right People Selection Interview Workshop and How to Do A Superior Performance Appraisal Program represent the most advanced hiring and performance management methods available today. These highly focused and organized programs are presented by skilled professionals and have been demonstrated to immediately improve performance management and interviewing skills.  Participants will leave the workshop with the tools to make better hiring decisions and manage performance more effectively the very next day, as well as having developed a foundation on which to build further improvements in the future.

How to Pick the Right People (Program Formats)
How to Do A Superior Performance Appraisal (Program Formats)

The campus interview is a highly specialized situation.  Students are increasingly prepared through “coaching” sessions, competition for top students is increasing, the costs of bringing students back for full on-site interviews are enormous, and EEO and ADA guidelines are stricter.  There is increasing pressure to make the campus interview more predictive, persuasive and legal.  Swan Consultants has developed the Campus Recruitment Program, a version of the How to Pick the Right People Selection Interview Workshop, that focuses on the unique circumstances of the campus interview.

Campus Reruitment Program (Program Formats)