Competency Based Instruction

Swan Consultants provides a comprehensive training experience for your instructors, to prepare them to conduct our program. At the conclusion of the instructor training, each instructor who demonstrates the necessary skills and content knowledge to deliver the program effectively will be certified.

Continual observation and feedback are included in the certification process. It would be unusual for someone to fail to complete the training without developing the necessary competencies to conduct our program. However, we reserve the right to deny certification.

We strongly recommend, therefore, that the instructors selected to go through the certification process have a basic background in platform skills and training techniques. Our Trainer Certification program is designed to equip an individual to deliver our program. It is not designed to teach basic or generic training skills or provide an initial experience to conduct training in general. Special provisions can be made to prepare an individual without training experience to present our program, but this would require additional time beyond our basic certification process.