Program Materials

Leader’s Guide (Included in Trainer Certification fee)

A completely scripted text with integrated graphics, it describes in complete detail how to conduct the program.

Each unit contains learning objectives, content to be covered in the lecture portion of that unit, and the exercises (with instructions) to be administered.

  • Set of Color Overhead Transparencies or Powerpoint Disk.
  • The transparencies are professionally designed for maximum impact and clarity. They list each major point to be covered in each unit of the program.
  • Instructors are able to minimize writing on a flipchart or whiteboard and can concentrate on clarifying and amplifying the content points, answering questions and introducing the practice exercises.


Required for each participant in the programs your instructors present, the manual provides a review of each of the units covered in the program and serves as a “refresher” after the program. It contains copies of all overheads used in the program to facilitate note taking by participants, plus all forms, exercises and discussion guides used during the workshop.