The Certification Process

Stage 1

Instructors attend the full program as participant/observers. This can be a tailored program delivered at your own organization. This option allows an initial group to be trained, and enables the instructors to see a program tailored to their organization. As an alternative, instructors can attend any of our public seminars (for the How To Pick The Right People program), held frequently in major cities across the country.

Stage 2

We provide up to two and one-half days of intensive instructor training at your location or ours. We review each unit of the program with your instructors and provide them the opportunity to practice the delivery. All workshop materials are reviewed systematically and their use clarified.

Trainers have the opportunity to present the units of the program and receive feedback and coaching from Swan staff. They are also shown how each unit can be tailored to their unique circumstances. Discussion covers every contingency of technique, program content, delivery, and possible objections. It is our objective that your instructors leave Stage 2 confident in their ability to conduct all units. They will receive personal feedback to maximize their training effectiveness, and guidelines to enable them to tailor and adapt the program to your organization’s specific needs.